Principal: Melanie Dean
Deputy Principals: Amanda Luxford & Jo Graham
Year 1-2 Team Leader: Amanda Luxford
Year 3-6 Team Leader: Jo Graham
Associate Leaders: Brogan Coburn Yr 1-2, Christine Cowan Yr 3-4, Kelly Wallace Yr 5-6


Apart from the separate New Entrant department adjacent to the school office, junior children are accommodated in the new classrooms along the Freyberg St frontage.
J1   Jo Carter
J2  Jessica Lamond
J4   Suzy Jones & Nikki Oates
J5   Isabelle Newman
J7   Brogan Coburn (Associate Leader)
J8  Lily O'Donovan & Loutje Le Grand


The Middle School is accommodated in a six room complex on the southern end of the school site.
M2   Christine Cowan (Associate Leader)
M3   Justin Crosswell 
M4   Leolie Rentsch
M5   Jessica Stewart
M6   Kate Millner


Senior children are housed in the original main school building to the north of the school office. It comprises 5 classes of composite (or mixed) groupings, with children from both Years 5-6 in each classroom.
S1   Jo Graham (Team Leader) & Janine Kerr
S2   Henry Gaskin 
S3   Rob Lindsay
S4   Debbie Limpus
S5   Kelly Wallace (Associate Leader)

Support Staff

Special Needs: Amanda Luxford (SENCO)         

        Suzanne Woods (Additional Teacher)

ESOL: Robina Dean 

       Katarina Sundberg Carson (Teacher Aide)

Reading Recovery: Sharon Wall

Part-Time Teachers: Sherwin Mottram, David Wong,                 Kirsten Isbister, Tracey Williams, Rekha Tiwari

Office Manager: Kathy Dempsey

Caretaker: John Rauhihi

Library Manager: Katarina Sundberg Carson

Teacher Aides: Katarina Sundberg Carson, Glenn Hunter,          Marina Lewis, Michelle Watson, Becky Marshall, Bharti          Narsi, Jyoti Riches, Tania Waugh, Caitlin Hunter,

    Byron Curtis, Jo Mahon, Max Richardson

Gardener: Amy Thorburn

Term Dates 2020

Term 4: 12th October - 16th December 2020


T: 04-939 9112


2 Freyberg Street, Lyall Bay, Wellington 6022

2021 Term Dates